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Welcome to our Company !


All H Maldives Private Limited is a medium sized company catering to import and export requirements of local companies, resorts, government organizations etc. The company was registered in 2004 and has increased the turnover of business every year since inception.

Maldives being a country made up of small coral islands has very little agriculture or any type of industry producing mass quantity of goods. The country has to depend on imports from other countries for all foodstuffs and other items necessary for living. Hence, there is a huge difference between imports and exports.

All H Maldives Private Limited specializes in import requirements for several companies and organizations have the experience and capability to extend a professional and dedicated service.

  Our services includes:
  •   Competitive air and sea freight rates into Maldives from other countries.
  •   Customs clearing for imports into Maldives by air and sea.
  •   Door delivery within Maldives.
  •   Export of general and perishable goods by air and sea
  •     Door delivery of outbound shipments at the destination country.
  •   Arrange temporary import of items needed to be re-exported back.
  •  Packing and storage

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